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Keep warm in economical style

Did you know that heating accounts for more than 60% of a household’s power consumption? With Mill WiFi integrated heaters, you can easily adjust the temperature to suit your daily routine.

Avoid wasting money on electricity while you are away from home or asleep in bed. This smart heating solution benefits the environment by reducing your power consumption and lowering your carbon footprint.

Mill offers a broad range of different heaters suited to every different need. Good design is about more than what first meets the eye. It's about sustainability and ease-of-use, innovation, and of course comfort in the home.

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Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference

No more sore throats!

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Healthy air for your home office

Turn working at home into a breeze... a healthy one

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Small size, big power.

A small yet powerful air purifier designed for your cosy space

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Clean air, healthy life.

Ensure the air you breathe is clean from viruses and bacteria

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Enjoy life again with Airvida

The Airvida M1 from ible is the smallest and lightest personal air purifier in the world, weighing just 20 grams. Furthermore, the Airvida M1 is a multifunctional air purifier that comes with a detachable titanium necklace, a collar clip and a charging dock that can also be used as desktop air purifier.

Vybra Solutions for business

Vybra not only supply the domestic home market with innovative healthy air solutions, but we also provide our products to a wide range of commercial and business premises throughout the United Kingdom.

Providing clean, healthy air in the workplace is essential and guarding against the potential spread of bacteria and viruses is of paramount importance, especially in a confined space, such as a dental surgery.

Vybra Solutions currently supply the Winix Zero Pro air purifier to thousands of UK dental surgeries, helping them to safely operate during the current pandemic.

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