Watch the Winix Zero Pro air purifier on test in the dental surgery

If you are planning any type of gathering for family and friends you may well be worried about the spread of airborne germs, allergens, particulates and most of all, viruses in your home.

For some, guarding against the potential spread of viruses is of paramount importance, especially in a confined space such as a dental surgery.

Vybra Solutions currently supply the Winix Zero Pro Air Purifier to thousands of UK dental surgeries, helping them to safely operate during the current pandemic.

The Winix Zero Pro air purifier from Vybra Solutions with PlasmaWave® - PlasmaWave® technology creates Hydroxyl molecules that neutralize viruses, bacteria and gases.

In this video, dental surgeon, Dr Paul Liano, puts the Winix Zero Pro through it's paces and gives his independent opinion on its performance.

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