Boneco Ultrasonic Humidifier U250

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The Boneco U250 features a small and compact design and fits in any residential or office environment.

The BONECO U250 is an advancement on the design of the BONECO U200, which won a Red Dot Design Award. Thanks to the additional integration of the hygro sensor and the added display, the BONECO U250 is now incredibly easy to operate. The display gives the user an overview of all functions and maintenance information. Thanks to the built-in hygro sensor, several new functions have been integrated. For example, the "AUTO" mode provides automatic and carefree humidification of the room air at an optimum 50% relative humidity level. The display allows this value to be adjusted easily and intuitively. Additionally, maintenance information, such as the required cleaning of the appliance, can also be shown on the display.

Ultrasonic humidifier system
Thanks to effective high-frequency technology, the water is converted into microfine mist and emitted into the room air by a fan. The 2-in-1 A250 AQUA PRO water filter ensures pure humidification without leaving any residue. The included Ionic Silver Stick® utilises the antibacterial effects of silver and ensures optimum water quality. The quiet appliances have a very high level of humidification that can be individually regulated using the output regulator.

Product highlights
  • Incl. 2-in-1 water filter A250 AQUA PRO for pure humidification without residue
  • Digital LED display with touch-sensitive control panel and integrated humidity indicator
  • AUTO MODE for self-regulating humidification thanks to integrated hygrostats
  • Flexible and easy filling thanks to the detachable water tank
  • Elegant and handy design
Product details
  • Easy and intuitive handling
  • Helpful reminder indicator when the water needs to be refilled
  • Infinitely variable output regulator
  • Easy handling and cleaning (cleaning brush included)
  • Tasteful blue water illumination (can be switched off if desired)
  • Fragrance container for the use of essential oils
  • Corrosion-resistant membrane surface for long service life
  • Elegant and handy design

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