AH300 COMFORT Filter

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Replacement Filter for the H400 and H300

First particle filter layer:

This high-performance filter medium reduces coarse particles such as dust, pollen or tyre abrasion as well as the smallest particles such as fine dust by almost 100%.


2nd Premium activated carbon layer:

The use of high-quality activated carbon granulate eliminates odours and harmful gases such as ozone, sulphur dioxide or nitrogen oxides.


3rd biofunctional layer:

The special biofunctional coating with natural polyphenol binds free allergens. The additional antimicrobial coating restricts growth of bacteria and moulds on the filter.


  • 4-in-1 filter: Particle filtration, odor reduction, anti-allergenic and antimicrobial infusion Inactivates free allergens up to 100%
  • Minimizes the spread of microorganisms on the filter
  • Reduces fine particles (PM2.5) up to 99%
  • Eliminates odors
  • Binds harmful gases such as ozone, nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide
  • Use: HYBRID Humidifier & Purifier H300


*The filter has been measured in accordance with Test Standard DIN71460

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