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Wearable Purifier - Airvida

Airvida from ible Technology is a portable purifier that uses ionisation technology to remove particles from the air around you making it clean and safe to breathe. The ionisers emit 20 million ions per cubic centimetre, eliminating particles, bacteria, pollen and dust from the air around you.
The AirVida is chargeable via USB and will give you 32 Hours of usage in between charges. Light and comfortable to wear, and of a sleek stylish design, AirVida can be worn anywhere to improve your air quality whilst on public transport, travelling, public spaces

Airvida Wearable Purifier
Product Features

  • Reduces PM2.5, Pollen and Formaldehyde
  • Protect against bacteria, cigarette smoke and pet dander
  • Provides 2,000,000 negative ions, 100 times more than a natural forest
  • Ultra low ozone ( 0.006ppm)
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Fanless design zero noise
  • No replacement filters
  • Charge anywhere by USB 
  • 32 Hours wear time between charges
  • Available in Pink, Black or White
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Airvida in Action

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