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The 1500W Mill Oil heater is an elegant and stylish wi-fi enabled great all round heater, giving you control of your heating wherever you are at the touch of a button on your Millheat App. By using the App you can control different locations (home, cabins etc) and as many heaters as you want. The App is free and there are no hidden costs.

Mill Oil is an innovative oil filled radiator using the most modern technology and elegant design. Mill Oil boosts the heat distribution to a great extent and provides a comfortable warm, quiet and safe environment which doesn’t dry the air.


So, how does Mill Oil differ from normal oil filled radiators?

Because of its beautiful design it has a closed structure around the normal oil filled fins. This creates a huge difference in terms of providing heat. The design of the heater itself forces the hot air to rise through the hot fins. This increases the speed of the hot air and results in faster and more efficient heat distribution in the room. We call it Mill Heat Boost Technology.

System Requirements

The heaters (AV and NE series, Convection SG1200WIFI) have an integarted WiFi module. This means that there is no need for any hub or changing the thermostat. The heaters will connect directly to your WiFi network. 

Please make sure your WiFi router has sufficient capacity of number of active devices connected to your home network.

App name: Millheat

WiFi specifications: Generation 1: 802.11b/g, 2,4 Ghz, Generation 2: 802.11b/g/n, 2,4 Ghz

iOS: Version 8 and newer

Android: Version 4.2 and newer

Technical Spec

  • 1500W
  • Mill Heat Boost Technology
  • Beautiful design
  • Tip-over switch (the heater turns itself automatically off if it tips over)
  • Over heating protection (the heater will turn itself off if it gets over heated)
  • Easy to use control
  • Aluminium feet for that extra quality
  • Thermostat: WiFi + App
  • 3 heat settings: 600 / 900 / 1500W
  • Colour: Mill White
  • Size: 34.4 x 15 x 65.6 cm (Width x Depth x Height)


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