Ionic Silver Stick

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  • Use with Boneco Humidifiers - Check Specification of your device The Ionic Silver Stick® utilizes the antimicrobial property of silver.
  • The Silver Stick® begins working as soon as it comes into contact with water, even if the unit is switched off. On contact with water, the silver ions dissolve.
  • This device possesses a sufficient reserve of silver ions to achieve a long-term impact.
  • The Ionic Silver Stick® should be replaced annually (one season).
  • The Ionic Silver Stick® is exclusively for use in humidifiers.
  • The Ionic Silver Stick® is suitable for all BONECO humidifiers.

Lifecycle indicator

So that you later know when you began using the Ionic Silver Stick®, please cross off the current month on the control label and write the current year on the line provided. Then affix the label to your unit.

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