Humidifier Health Care Kit

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Full Health Kit for your Ultrasonic Humidifer - For use with the U700 and U200

  • Provides water mist without limescale (if recommended replacement intervals are adhered to)
  • Silver-coated housing protects against the growth of microbes on the cartridge surface
  • Easy cartridge replacement, more frequently in areas with hard water
  • Cleaning and descaling agent with a composition especially created for humidifiers
  • Easy to use (mix with 1L of hot water and soak in water base for 60 min.)
  • The Ionic Silver Stick® utilizes the antimicrobial property of silver.
  • The Silver Stick® begins working as soon as it comes into contact with water, even if the unit is switched off. On contact with water, the silver ions dissolve.
  • Eco-friendly (powder form, to be dissolved in water before use)
  • Decalciify water base and tank every 2–3 weeks

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