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Why do I need to treat my home?

We draw 12000 litres of air in to our lungs a day! This air if untreated is not only dry but also full of dirt, dust, pollen, bacteria and cigarette smoke

This is anything but ideal and can go on to produce health problems in the future. The germs and particles floating around in our home and offices is 20 times dirtier than that of the air outside, and without treating this air it is going in to our lungs and the pores in our skin.

Experts say the optimum humidity in our homes and offices should be 40-60%, and many of us are living way below this level and feeling unwell because of it. Heating, household appliances and chemicals all affect this balance and it is important that we put it right.

What benefits can I expect from purified and humidified air?

Improved quality of life for Allergy and Hayfever sufferers

Minimise germ spreading, fewer colds and bugs

Strengthen immune system for the whole family

Reduced tiredness and headaches

Improved concentration and motivation

Better nights sleep and reduced snoring

Reduction in the amount of household dust

Fewer respiratory problems

Improved skin quality, reduction in dryness and sore eyes

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